Lake Michigan

What's With All The Fog in Milwaukee?

Jun 25, 2014
Susan Bence

It may be summer, but the effects of the polar vortex are hanging around, bringing dense fog to the Milwaukee area.

United States Army Corps of Engineers, flickr

The warming temperatures forecast for the Milwaukee area in the days ahead represent a welcome relief for many of us.  But, if they do happen, they'll also bring some challenges for getting around. 

Susan Bence

A year ago, Lake Michigan's water level hit an all-time low. It's up a foot, but has 1.5 feet to go.

Coast Guard News, Flickr

On Sunday, the Milwaukee Film Festival will feature a panel discussion offering people a sneak peek at several movies in progress, all being made by Wisconsin filmmakers.

Researchers are analyzing water samples from rivers that feed into the Great Lakes.

Parts of Lake Michigan’s Green Bay have areas of low oxygen, which threaten aquatic life.

Teecycle Tim/Flickr

Milwaukee’s lakefront is as representative of the city as the Art Museum, Miller beer or the Brewers. For essayist Mark Siegrist, who grew up here, that lakefront is Milwaukee at its most elemental:


Milwaukee has done a lot to attract different water-related industries to the region to take advantage of the Great Lakes.