Voters will have a say in November on whether the state should accept federal dollars for Badger Care.

The Affordable Care Act requires people to be enrolled in a qualified health insurance plan by March 31 or face a penalty.


A Democratic state representative raised eyebrows Tuesday, when she suggested counties go it alone, when it comes to expanding Medicaid.

Lawmakers Spar Over Medicaid Reform Delay

Dec 2, 2013

The Legislature’s budget committee has voted to delay Medicaid changes in Wisconsin for three months.

Wisconsin lawmakers will convene in a special session Monday to consider putting state Medicaid reform on a three-month delay.

President Obama has promised a “tech surge” to fix the problems with the online healthcare exchange. Time to enroll in the exchange is shrinking for thousands of Wisconsin adults who will lose their Medicaid coverage in January. Gov. Walker rejected federal money to expand Medicaid here, so in 2014, the state program will drop all adults living above the poverty level. Instead, his administration will refer them to the exchange. Claire Smith is a spokesperson for the state Department of Health Services.


Republican legislators have not been walking in lockstep this time, with Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed state budget.