Old World Wisconsin

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11:13 am
Fri September 5, 2014

Old World Wisconsin Wedding to Capture 19th Century Beauty

Anne Danko and Karl Kaphengst will be married at Old World Wisconsin's Koepsell House on September 6th.

The television show, Mad Men, created a craze where people embraced vintage. Fans would throw parties and have vintage-themed weddings where the guests were to wear vintage clothing.

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Arts & Culture
8:17 am
Fri August 29, 2014

Step Back in Time and Into the Shoes of an American Civil War Enlistee

A soldier teaches students the basic drill.
Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

As fall approaches, many Badger fans are heading out to Camp Randall to support their football team. However, about 150 years ago, the land didn’t house a football stadium. 

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Arts & Culture
7:54 am
Fri August 29, 2014

Real or Replica?: How Old World Wisconsin Preserves Wisconsin History Through Its Artifacts

Jennifer Van Haaften demonstrates activities that families can do when they come to Old World Wisconsin, a living history museum.
Credit Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

History is increasingly becoming accessible to users online. 

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5:18 pm
Fri June 20, 2014

Ever Wanted to Ride an Old-Timey Tricycle? You Can at Old World Wisconsin

Visitors to Old World Wisconsin's new experience, "Catch Wheel Fever," can ride an old-fashioned, recreation tricycle.
Audrey Nowakowski

Ever wondered how people got up on those old-timey high-wheel bicycles in the days of yore? Now you can find out how - and try yourself - at Old World Wisconsin in Eagle.

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Arts & Culture
4:10 pm
Fri December 6, 2013

5 Christmas Traditions with Centuries-Old Origins

Queen Victoria put up a Christmas tree for her husband, Prince Albert.
Steve Wilson, flickr

We take for granted that Santa Claus and Christmas trees are symbols of the Christmas season, but there are other traditions with lesser known origins.

What exactly is a sugar plum? How, in fact, do you go "a-wassailing?"

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Arts & Culture
5:03 am
Thu July 18, 2013

At the End of Your Rope? Just Make More

Old World Wisconsin interpreter Dirk Hildebrandt demonstrates how our ancestors made a key piece of farm equipment.
Credit Gianofer Fields

When was the last time you found yourself in need of some reliable rope?

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2:49 pm
Fri July 5, 2013

Early Settlers' Historical Gardens Grow Again

The Pedersen farm kitchen garden, in the Danish section of Old World Wisconsin, is one of the historical gardens featured in Marcia Carmichael's book.
Credit Gerald H. Emmerich Jr., "Putting Down Roots"

Wisconsin's early settlers didn't plant gardens for decoration - they were their primary food sources.

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Arts & Culture
1:17 pm
Fri May 17, 2013

Whitewater Family Time-Travels Back to 19th-Century Immigrant Farm

(l-r) Period Clothing Coordinator Rachel Neubauer and Curator of Interpretation Jennifer Van Haaften show Amy and Ashley Ziolkowski a corset style they can opt to wear.
Stephanie Lecci

  In today's fast-paced, technology-dependent world, have you ever found yourself wanting to go back to a simpler time, perhaps romanticizing what it would be like to live on a farm, making your own food, like our early pioneer settlers did?

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