Victory Garden Initiative

S Bence

With the tag line of “Wisconsin’s Right To Real Food”, leaders will speak tonight at Turner Hall.

S Bence

As an orchard comes to life on 1st and Locust Street in Milwaukee, community and city partners focus on jobs for adults.

During World War II Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged Americans to plant Victory Gardens. The First Lady planted hers at the White House and some 20 million Americans followed her lead. They hoped to conserve fuel for the war effort and make sure there was enough food to go around.

Now a grassroots movement is spreading around the country to rekindle the tradition. Over the weekend a group of Milwaukee area residents will help plant vegetable beds in yards and shared spaces. It’s called the Victory Garden Blitz. WUWM’s Susan Bence got in on the group’s first planning meeting and has been watching its momentum grow.

Gretchen Mead calls herself a food activist.